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Using your Lili-Pop

There are endless ways to use your Lili-Pop!  As you can see, these trays will become a staple item in your household. 

baby eating

Store fresh baby food and breast milk! Plan ahead and freeze meals weeks in advance.

Food pops out easily! No more stressful wrangling and twisting like as in plastic trays. It can’t get any easier or safer than this!

Unique clip-on lid prevents your baby’s food from contamination and freezer burn!


Use as a snack tray for your toddlers!



Use your Lili-Pop to bake sweet and savory muffins, granola bars, cupcakes and anything else that goes in the oven!


And for the artist in the family, use your Lili-Pop to keep paint fresh and reusable without all of the mess! You will be amazed at how easy these are to clean!


Available in 5 adorable colors!


The supportive base makes it easy to stack in the freezer and fridge!


The perfect bite-size portion for the little and big ones!

12podaquababyfood 12podaquababyfoodlidon


The Lili-Pop flower tray holds 2 ounces in each pod.


Available in 5 adorable colors!